LINE Points Terms and Conditions of Use

The LINE Points Terms and Conditions of Use (“TOU”) sets forth the terms and conditions between LINE Corporation (“Company”) and Users regarding the use of LINE Points (“Points”).

1. Consent to the TOU

(1) Users may use Points by agreeing to the TOU. Users are deemed to have given their effective and irrevocable agreement to the TOU by acquiring or using Points.
(2) Services related to Points (“Points Services”) shall fall under the “the Service” set forth in the LINE Terms and Conditions of Use. Therefore the provisions of both the LINE Terms and Conditions of Use and the TOU shall apply when using Points. In the case of any conflicts between the LINE Terms and Conditions of Use and the TOU, the TOU shall prevail. Unless otherwise provided, terminology used in the TOU shall be in accordance with the LINE Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Ownership of Rights

All rights pertaining to Points (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights) shall be owned by the Company and the third parties granting such rights to the Company. Users may use Points to the extent of usage rights granted by the Company under the TOU.

3. Acquiring Points

Users may acquire Points from the Company by completing a specific action (“Action”) in a Company designated service or a specific service operated by an organization, individual or a corporation in a contractual relationship with the Company (“Business Partner”), or by completing an Action prescribed in advance by a business operator entering into a contract with the Company related to advertising distribution (“Advertiser”). For the avoidance of doubt, if a User takes an Action of paying money or other consideration for a specific service and is granted Points, such money or other consideration is paid only for receiving such service and not for acquiring Points. Users shall be able to confirm their own Points available in “LINE”, the app provided by the Company.

4. Method for Using Points

(1) Detailed conditions, such as the specific contents of the Action, number of Points to be granted, and other conditions related to the acquisition of Points are individually stipulated by the Company, Business Partners or Advertisers (“Point Involved Parties” hereafter refers to both Business Partners and Advertisers). Users shall consent to the aforementioned detailed conditions before performing Actions to acquire Points.
(2) If the Users receive Points before completing an action and do not achieve the action, the granted Points will be deducted.
(3) Even if Users complete an Action, the Company or Point Involved Parties may decide not to grant Points or cancel all or part of granted Points if the Company or Point Involved parties determine that the Action has been executed in a fraudulent or inappropriate manner (including but not limited to the case where Users acquire Points by purchasing vouchers, stamps or tickets for the resale or commercial purpose) .
(4) Granted Points may be exchanged for items used within the LINE app to buy stickers, etc., or be exchanged for goods, services of the Business Partners, or be used as discount points in the Business Partners’ service. Used Points will in principle not be returned or be canceled.
(5) When using Points, Users shall follow the procedures stipulated on the site, etc. where Points are able to be used (Please see this website for FAQ with respect to using Points. In the event of any conflict between this TOU and FAQ, this TOU shall prevail.). Please note that there may be separate terms of use, etc. that apply to goods and services exchanged for Points (“Exchanged Goods”) with which the Users shall comply. The Company will not guarantee the quality, safety, legality, or suitability of Exchanged Goods for a specified purpose, nor that they are free from defects.
(6) Detailed conditions, such as the number of Points needed to acquire Exchanged Goods, the amount of Exchanged Goods, the term of validity, usage conditions, and the time required for exchanging Points to Exchanged Goods shall differ for each Exchanged Good. Users shall consent to the said detailed conditions before completing exchange procedures.
(7) All Points will expire when Users do not acquire any additional Points for 180 days or more (where the day of acquisition is counted as the first day) from the day when Users acquire their last Point, and Users may not exchange or use such expired Points. The expired Points will not be restored for whatever reason.
(8) Notwithstanding clause 4(7), Users may use Points for which the expiration date is set (“Limited Term Points”) on and before such date set by the Company at the time of granting each Point. The Limited Term Points will expire when the expiration date has passed, and Users may not exchange or use such expired Limited Term Points. The expired Limited Term Points will not be restored for whatever reason.
(9) If a User owns Points with different expiration dates, then Points with the earlier expiration date should be used first.

5. Usage Conditions

(1) The Company grants Users the right to use these Points Services as long as Users do not perform any act prohibited in Article 12 of LINE Terms and Conditions of Use or any of the articles listed below.
(a) An act that will lead to fraud or other crime
(b) An act that unjustly uses the Company’s or a third party’s equipment or facilities, or hindering management or operation of equipment or facilities.
(c) An act that consolidates Points stored in multiple LINE accounts into a single LINE account.
(d) An act that utilizes multiple LINE accounts to unjustly obtain Points.
(e) An act that inputs false information when a User takes an Action.
(f) Any other acts that the Company or Point Involved Parties otherwise deems inappropriate.
(2) The Company reserves the right to modify the whole or part of Points Services, or cease the provision of Points or services related to Points at anytime without any prior notice to Users and at the Company's own discretion.
(3) Rights to Points shall not be succeeded to another person, and Points shall not be transferred, loaned or pledged as collateral to another third party.

6. Privacy

The Company places the highest priority on Users’ privacy. Our handling of Users’ private and personal information shall be in accordance with the LINE Privacy Policy. In order to grant Points for the Point Service, the Company will obtain information to check if the designated application is installed and activated on the device. In addition, the Company may transfer User personal information (advertising identifiers, session identifiers, or names, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers or other information that a User inputs at the time he/she wishes to exchange Points for Business Partner's Exchanged Goods) both to and from Point Involved Parties when and to the extent necessary to identify the User in order to perform necessary Point operations, such as Point provision and exchange, in conjunction with the specific Point Involved Parties. Whether to provide the Company and the Point Involved Parties with the personal information is optional. Users, however, are deemed to have acknowledged that, by choosing not to transfer certain personal information, a part or all of the Service may become inaccessible due to the Service's operational requirements.

7. Users’ Responsibility

(1) In the cases where the Company determines that Users have acquired or used Points in a way that violates the TOU, the Company may suspend Users’ usage of Points or take other measures that the Company consider necessary and appropriate. However, the Company shall not bear any obligation to prevent or correct the violation.
(2) In the cases where the Company has suffered loss, damage or has been charged an expense (including but not limited to legal fees) directly or indirectly (including cases where the Company has been sued for damages by a third party) due to the use of the Point by Users, Users shall immediately compensate the Company upon its request.

8. No Warranty/Liability

(1) The Company does not expressly or implicitly guarantee that Points Services are free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to flaws relating to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, or fitness for certain purposes, as well as security-related faults, errors, bugs, or rights infringements). The Company shall not be responsible for providing Points Services without such defects.
(2) The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage or other disadvantage Users may incur as a result of an Action Users perform.
(3) Users shall prepare their own communication devices needed for using Points Services. Users shall bear responsibility for any tax or any costs that arise in relation to Point acquisition, Point usage, acquisition of Exchanged Goods or use, if any.
(4) The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damages Users incur in relation to or as a result of the use of Business Partner or Advertiser contents, advertisements, products or services, or the acquisition, use or inability to use Exchanged Goods.
(5) The Company shall not be responsible for any damages Users may incur even in cases where Users’ Points are fraudulently used by third parties.

9. Modification of the TOU

The Company may modify the TOU at any time, without prior notice to Users, when it has determined so necessary. Modified TOU shall take effect from the time when they are posted in the LINE app, and Users are deemed to have provided their effective and irrevocable consents to the modified TOU by acquiring or continuing to use Points after the modifications.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The governing language of the TOU shall be Japanese and the substantive laws of Japan shall govern the TOU. Any disputes between Users and the Company which may arise out of, in connection with, or in relation to Points Services, shall be governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.
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Last updated on January 28, 2019